As part of the Medics.Academy family, the Art & Design Department is the team responsible for creating a multitude of assets for internal and external collaborators and partners. The team consists of designers, illustrators, animators and 3D artists. Using design thinking methodologies and technical expertise we find user-centred design solutions that work best for a given product. 
Our team, with its never ending passion for design, art and technology, is at your service! If you like what you see or want to hire us, just drop us a message.
Medics.Academy is a technology enhanced learning company run by healthcare professionals. We focus on delivering technology-enhanced learning and blended learning solutions to organisations and individuals. We have a history of developing innovative educational and training programmes. Our focus is developing the world's best healthcare education and training programmes at scale. We focus on building products healthcare professionals love.

Visual Identity  
Scientific Illustration 
Editorial Illustration
Website Design
Marketing Assets
Tailored Templates
Conference Materials
Pitch Decks
Graphics and Infographics
Video Editing

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